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Anagami Publishing is a small, selective publisher and reseller of spiritual books. Our aim is to publish and widely circulate impactful books of various spiritual traditions that substantially raise spiritual awareness, insight, and growth.

The word 'Anagami' comes from the teachings of the Buddha, and describes Pure Abode heaven realms where certain humans (Anagamis) are reborn after the death of the body to attain complete spiritual liberation from the cycles of death, birth and rebirth. Anagamis are fairly advanced spiritual beings who have overcome ignorance and doubt regarding the ultimate truths in life, have given up superstitions and wrong views, and have overcome hate and lust for the objects of the six senses. The highest of the Anagami heavens - Akanittha - is the highest point in the material universe in which all beings there are Gods of equal rank. This equality best symbolizes the spirit of Anagami Publishing in which all traditions and practices that contribute to the lessening of greed, hate, and delusion are embraced.

We hope the books we offer inspire you to be the best incarnation of yourself, and motivate you to be a vehicle that promotes the spiritual liberation of all beings from that which causes them to suffer.